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Boot camp is a distant memory. Battles have been won and alliances forged. This course will ensure your level of effectiveness matches your high level of responsibility.

| Your Instructor: Evan Dawson
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Make no mistake, Gentlemen. We are at war.

It was never intended for us to battle alone. There is a vast army, assembled from all ranks, awaiting the King’s orders. Messengers have already been dispatched, but for whatever reason have yet to reach a large number of soldiers. This is where you come in.

God’s Holy Spirit has found you. You’ve unrolled the parchment sealed by Blood, and learned of brothers pinned down by an unrelenting barrage. By now you have successfully completed Boot Camp, emerged victorious from Foxholes, and your leadership is evident. You'll need a battle plan to succeed at the next level of effective discipleship. This is where we come in.

This course is designed to not only assist you as you lead your team, but provides the best gear available to help you stay sharp spiritually; your men need that more than you know. And yeah, the coffee is amazing.

Welcome to the War Room.

Course Includes:



AMMO CAN Contents:

• WAR ROOM & ENGAGE, Volume One (Paperbacks) by Third Option Men

* See "Foxholes" description below for details (paperback contents identical to eBook).

WILD AT HEART: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul (Paperback) by John Eldredge

• Impactful book for any man who claims to follow Jesus. This revised and updated edition is an essential item for your men's group arsenal!

CAVETIME: God's Plan for Man's Escape from Life's Assaults (Paperback) by Jeff Voth

• Men are under assault today. Discover a place of refuge, safety, and escape in this relevant account of King David and his Mighty Men – before they were "Mighty."

ROUGH CUT MEN: A Man's Battle Guide to Building Real Relationships with Each Other, and with Jesus (Paperback) by David Dusek

• One of the most in-your-face, honest books in print today! David Dusek expertly mixes popular movie references with personal experiences in order to equip men for battle.

MAN OF GOD: Walking by Faith Devotional (Paperback) by A. Trevor Sutton

• This 64-page devotional explores the lives of 5 men in the Bible: Noah, Moses, Joshua, David, and Paul. It then compares their experience with our modern-day walk of faith.


* This "X-Ray" sample pack includes a 2-ounce sample bag of each of these four roasts:

  • Dawn Patrol Breakfast Blend
  • Smooth Operator Special Blend
  • Warrior Select Combat Roast
  • Double Barrel Black Midnight Blend

* Each sample is pre-ground for drip coffee machines and each makes about a full pot of coffee for a 12 cup carafe.

*Warrior Gear Shipping Costs Included!

Also Included: FOXHOLES Course Content (listed below)

• WAR ROOM: A Combat Guide To Spirit-Led Men's Ministry (eBook)

• 300 pages of gritty, authentic and transparent manliness - the way God defines "Manliness."

• Includes ENGAGE: A Warrior's Devotional (Volume One), a 52-week devotional designed to help small groups engage in riveting discussions.

• Exclusive Content for Leaders, with proven strategies for starting and running an effective men's group.

• Top 6 Ways to ROCK a Men's Group (Video 14min. 58sec.) + (.pdf)

• THIRD OPTION MEN: a Success Story (Video 14min. 31sec.) + (.pdf)

• Hear the story of how our grassroots discipleship movement began – the adventures and struggles – and be encouraged as you lead your group.

WAR STORIES: Relevant Interviews with Leaders of Men

• Much wisdom can be gained when we humble ourselves and realize we aren't the ONLY ones God is speaking to about "Men's Ministry." This ongoing Q&A series will no doubt give new perspectives on how to increase the effectiveness of your group.

• Automatic Access to our OPERATION AIRSTRIKE Prayer Support team

"...The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much." – James 5:16 (NASB)

Never underestimate the power of prayer! When the going gets tough, let us know and we'll share your request with thousands (no exaggeration) of men who claim to follow Christ.

Also Included: BOOT CAMP Course Content (listed below)

• 7 Ways YOU Benefit from an Effective Men's Group (Video 11min. 15sec.)


• The Natural Progression of an Effective Men's Group (Video 12min. 13sec.) + (.pdf)

• Top 6 Ways to TANK a Men's Group (Video 9min. 59sec.) + (.pdf)

ENGAGE: A Warrior's Devotional (Volume Two) 6-Week "Boot Camp" Edition (eBook) by Third Option Men


• Packed with valuable insights, icebreakers and discussion questions, this edition is the perfect supplement once you complete our training videos and start your group!

INITIATE: A Warrior's Guide To Becoming A Man (eBook) by Dave Hearn

• Written by the founder of Global Adventure, an organization committed to training the next generation and tackling fatherlessness, INITIATE seeks to answer the age-old question undoubtedly asked at some point by you and the men in your group: "When do I become a man?"

• SPIRITUAL WINGMAN: A Fighter Pilot's Journey To God (eBook) by Richard W. Haines III

• What man hasn't dreamt of being a fighter pilot at some point in his life? Join USAF fighter pilot Richard Haines on a journey of danger, determination, and devotion as he is divinely guided through perils of all kinds. From life-threatening jet emergencies to family-threatening temptations, he learns that God has a desire for everyone's life, and that He is definitely involved.

• SURRENDER: A Warrior's Guide To Worship (eBook) by Javan Rowe

• Leading your men will no doubt drain you – physically and mentally – and may very well result in spiritual attacks due to your increased Kingdom effectiveness. This insightful and expository look at Psalm 119 will help you resharpen one of your best weapons: worship.

• The Warrior's Journal: Meditations for the Fight of Your Life (9-Week Study) by Seth Barnes

• Early church history shows us that in a little more than 300 years, Christianity went from a small band of desperate men to the official religion of the Roman world. How did that happen? Find out in this timeless devotional by the founder of Adventures in Missions. (9-week study sent via email)


• Monthly inspirational articles sent directly to your inbox. CLICK HERE for an example. This priceless feature will continue long after you've completed your training and started an effective men's group!


Question: How long will it take to complete each course?

Answer: There is currently over an hour of training videos, divided into 10-15 minute segments (and more coming with our new "War Stories" interview series). How long it takes to complete every eBook and .pdf in your particular course will depend on how fast you read (currently over 750 pages with more digital content in the works). Remember – effective discipleship is not a sprint; it's a marathon. We guarantee you'll see results if you commit to this training.

Question: I read in the BOOT CAMP FAQ that you monitor our course progress. Is that true?

Answer: You better believe it! We didn't create this training just to fund our ministry. We judge our success by the effectiveness of your group, and we know how hard it is to start one. It's our experience that if you put in the work, God will bridge any gaps – and we're here to assist you as long as you do your part. You'll be rewarded with new content as it becomes available, as well as bonus material to help you lead your men more effectively.

Question: Is this a military thing?

Answer: That's a loaded question (pun intended). No, this ministry is not officially associated with the military; however, many of our writers and small group leaders have served – and we support our troops. We can see why you'd ask that; much of the verbiage and marketing aspects of the training has a "military" feel to it. Coincidentally, many Scripture verses also compare the life of a Christian to that of a soldier/warrior. This is explained further in the Boot Camp video titled, "Top 6 Ways to TANK a Men's Ministry."

Question: Is there an affiliate program for

Answer: Sure is! By enrolling in this course, you are automatically eligible to be a "WAR ROOM" level affiliate of CLICK HERE to learn more about our Affiliate Program. It's never been easier to make a passive income while promoting an effective ministry!

Course Contents

6 Videos
9 PDFs
Evan Dawson
Evan Dawson
Course Instructor

About the Instructor

Within a five-year period, Evan Dawson went from actively dodging anything even remotely related to "Men's Ministry," to speaking onstage to thousands of men at events across the United States and abroad. This transformation was nothing short of miraculous, and a clear indication God was at work in Evan's life. It all started with an awkward handshake and simple invitation to a men's group from a guy named Billy. The rest, they say, is history. Hear the full story in the Foxholes course video titled, "Third Option Men."

Evan and his wife Ashley currently live in Alabaster, AL with their three children. When Evan isn't training men, he works as an Assets Protection Executive for a major retailer. If you can't find him there, he's probably jet lagged somewhere with a big smile on his face. Having travelled to more than 30 countries on 6 continents, leading youth and men on mission trips since becoming a follower of Christ nearly two decades ago, Evan has a deep passion for seeing lives changed by the power of God on foreign soil. Ask him about his next adventure; he'll be glad to save you a spot!