Welcome to Boot Camp.

Many are called. Few are chosen. Even fewer step out and pursue their God-given passions. For you, there seems to be no other option. Lackluster routines in a mundane world no longer suffice. You crave the stuff of legends, to be thrust headlong into the epic tale of good versus evil.

The enemy awaits. Having dispatched his battalions with orders to intercept you at every corner, he is becoming increasingly aware of an ever-present, unwelcome emotion within himself: fear. The enemy is afraid that you have been called. Afraid that you have been chosen. Your next step, albeit out of your comfort zone, is crucial in showing your adversary that his fear is not unwarranted.

Time to grab your gear.

BOOT CAMP Includes:

• 7 Ways YOU Benefit from an Effective Men's Group (Video 11min. 15sec.) 

• The Natural Progression of an Effective Men's Group (Video 12min. 13sec.) + (.pdf)

• Top 6 Ways to TANK a Men's Group (Video 9min. 59sec.) + (.pdf)

ENGAGE: A Warrior's Devotional | 6-Week "Boot Camp" Edition (eBook) by Third Option Men 

- Packed with valuable insights, icebreakers and discussion questions, this edition is the perfect supplement once you complete our training videos and start your group!

INITIATE: A Warrior's Guide To Becoming A Man (eBook) by Dave Hearn 

- Written by the founder of Global Adventure, an organization committed to training the next generation and tackling fatherlessness, INITIATE seeks to answer the age-old question undoubtedly asked at some point by you and the men in your group: "When do I become a man?"

• SPIRITUAL WINGMAN: A Fighter Pilot's Journey To God (eBook) by Richard W. Haines III

- What man hasn't dreamt of being a fighter pilot at some point in his life? Join USAF fighter pilot Richard Haines on a journey of danger, determination, and devotion as he is divinely guided through perils of all kinds. From life-threatening jet emergencies to family-threatening temptations, he learns that God has a desire for every man's life, and that He is definitely involved.

• SURRENDER: A Warrior's Guide To Worship (eBook) by Javan Rowe

- Leading your men will no doubt drain you – physically and mentally – and may very well result in spiritual attacks due to your increased Kingdom effectiveness. This insightful and expository look at Psalm 119 will help you resharpen one of your best weapons: worship.

• The Warrior's Journal: Meditations for the Fight of Your Life (9-Week Study) by Seth Barnes

- Early church history shows us that in a little more than 300 years, Christianity went from a small band of desperate men to the official religion of the Roman world. How did that happen? Find out in this timeless devotional by the founder of Adventures in Missions. (9-week study sent via email)


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